Some Days

Some days start with a whimper. Some mornings shake the ground with the power necessary to achieve escape velocity. Today began with a sinking feeling and a new commitment to getting things done in a more orderly fashion. It may not sound like much, but this post is part of it.

My checklist, replete with thirty-eight tally marks, has order to it. What purpose does it serve if I don’t follow it? Gratitude is first on the list and is the easiest to do, but today I woke up and didn’t think about it, I thought about the possibility that I’ve lost — that (again) I’ve already lost at love.

Make your bed anyway, even if you got your caffeine/MCT fix first. Get back on track and imagine (comes next) a better you. The better you that gets you. You have said with pride that most often people don’t get you right away. Be one of the few that does get you. Get the fact that you’ve been working on self-improvement since you were a boy. You have turned out to be pretty good. Add discipline to what and who you are and see what happens. Do it.

By the way, remember you are the architect. You wrote the list, gave it order, and you are free to re-write it to suit your needs. And if being out of order is your modus operandi, then roll with it. Get things done.

Imagination, meditation, reading, then writing, but even out of order, all are important to the process, so just get them done. Yes, writing comes next, but you can and probably will write again later. Do the brain work, use a lesson from “A More Complete Beast” and become a better man. Do it for yourself. Nobody else will have you until you have yourself.

Photo by Frida Bredesen on Unsplash

The Paradox of Help

Ask for help? Be self-reliant? Choose one or use both. Count on yourself first, then ask others to augment your effort. Yeah, that should work.

You have been helpful to others your whole life and the world owes you nothing. Karma requires you to act, take action and accept the results. Analyze, correct course, act again. Lessons learned, this is easy. You make it easy by letting it be. Where you once said, “If it doesn’t go gently, force it.” That is not and has not been the best approach. Remember current, how it takes the path of least resistance. Impedance remains, like gravity, it is good.




Just another writer.

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Just another writer.

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