How long do you have left on this planet?
Tessa Cooper

My issue on how to vote is we really do not know the effect our vote will have! If we leave no one it seems can give me factual and detailed “How will it…” “What will it..” “When will it…”, on the other hand I see a Bureaucratic, Bureau Centric system of a parliamentary system that is the EU, with 3 Presidents, none of which are voted for by us europeans, I do not like the way that the map of europe suddenly extends to anywhere, no one has defined the continent of Europe, is it going to continue to spread East? I suppose what I am saying neither the in or out has given me well sourced understandable facts why I should vote one way or the other. This means that like a majority of people I will most likely vote with my “heart” not my “head”; this is to important for that, I could go on but………………..

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