For decades there have been debates among football fans and in the media about one particular question: If you clone a certain player in his prime years and create a team around that player, which team would be the very best? Or in other words: Who is the most complete player in the history of football?

A lot of different types of players come up when this question is asked. Perhaps someone like Cristiano Ronaldo, who thrives in front of the goal. Will his lack of defensive skills hold him back, or will he simply outscore his opponents? Maybe someone…

This simulation has been on our list for a while! It’s quite unlikely in real life, but we really wanted to find out what would happen if the Asian and American leagues and cups switched their reputation with Europe’s. Perhaps a massive match-fixing scandal could cause something like this?

We simulated this theory for 100 years and this is what happened!

What we asked ourselves

  • What will be the short term effect if the Asian Champions League and Copa Liberatores have the reputation of the current European Champions league? …

I have traveled to a couple of the former Yugoslavian countries and I have to say that they are very charming and great places to visit! (and not only because of the cheap beers). Unfortunately, while having recovered from the many wars and political disputes (have they really?), you do notice that the countries are still developing as opposed to the richer countries in western Europe.

Looking at football, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. On a national level it’s going pretty good, with the obvious one being Croatia, who made it to the World Cup final last year…


I ran a couple of simulations related to football/soccer and I might publish more!

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