The Ultimate Website Checklist Before You Launch

As an internet company, Strikingly empowers individuals and brands by providing an easy to use platform for building beautiful and unique websites. We’ve taken the technical work off your hands so you can focus on creating content and designing your website.

After spending a significant amount of time planning, designing and building your website, you’re now ready to launch — well, almost. There are just a few more items on your website checklist to tick off before your site goes live. Make sure to go through this list thoroughly to prevent the chance of mishaps.

1. Check for typos

2. Contact page should be updated

3. Test for usability

4. Navigation should work properly

5. Your website should be mobile friendly

Strikingly’s website templates are already designed for mobile devices so you don’t have to worry about adding lines of code to the site’s stylesheet for it to adapt to smaller screens. We still recommend that you test your site out just to make sure.

6. Correct spelling of URLs

7. Call to action

8. Proofread site metadata for SEO

9. Social media integration

10. Site security

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