It’s Not Foot in Mouth Disease
jessica nordell

Why shouldn’t Moritz hire a woman who’s not as good as a man? Men that are not as good as women are hired all the time. Also, by saying “We just hired a young woman from Stanford who is every bit as good as her peers,” seems to imply that she’s at least middle of the pack in his organization, if not higher. So, all of the men that he’s hired that aren’t as good as she is, what’s he going to do about them? They’re obviously not meeting all of the standards and were obviously hired by him. So, why shouldn’t he hire a woman who he doesn’t believe can meet the standards?

Since it’s already been proven that women work twice as hard as men (to get promotions/raises) and women are paid less than men ($.78 for every $1 a man makes), he should realize that it’s a very bad business decision to hire more men than women.

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