Building a brand starts with getting organised

I went to a Decoded Fashion Summit today in London all about how to build a retail brand in the digital age to help understand how to adapt and ride the changing tides within the fashion industry. We chatted data, attribution modelling, personalisation, the consumer being in control, brand consistency, influencer marketing, etc etc etc. I came out with the following conclusions:

1 . However much data you have at your fingertips if you don’t have the right people connecting the systems of data together there isn’t much point in pretending you know what you are doing. Hire analysts. Hire data scientists.

2. Before you even do that make sure that everyone in your whole business understands your brand story, vision and purpose. Otherwise you end up with teams running around trying to solve problems which don’t ladder up to the overall brand vision

3. When it comes to teams, keep them lean, keep everyone informed and keep everyone motivated. Having transparent inspirational leaders is incredibly important for retaining that belief in what you are doing

4. Talk to as many people as you can in your company. Everyone has an important perspective which will help you shape things for the better.

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