Acoustic Guitar String Sets

The Bass guitar String Sets had come into existence in early 1970, when a musician from Seattle, Washington, invented the first modern, electric, string bass guitar. The man’s name was Paul Tutmarc, and he was not only a instrumentalist, but also an discoverer and the proprietor of a musical instrument company called Audiovox.

During this time, only about 100 of these instruments were made, and they appeared in the 1935 Audiovox catalog under the name “Model 736 Bass Fiddle.” In 1947, Tutmarc’s son attempted to mass market this model of bass in a well-known and widely-distributed catalog. However, the guitar did not put up for sale well.

In 1951, a man by the name of Leo Fender mass produced the Electric Bass String Sets with the help of his associate. The bass was called the “Fender Precision Bass,” and it soon became an industry typical and a revolutionary hit.

The advantage of this bass was that any electric guitarist could easily play it and do so without the feedback that previous bass instruments had displayed.

Types of Bass Guitar String sets

The bass guitar strings are classified in number of ways which are defined as the following:

  • Acoustic or electric
  • Brand
  • Body style
  • Frets or fretless

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