Holding the Guitar

There are many ways by which you can hold the Guitar. You may hold the guitar in your laps. Always keep thumb on the back of the guitar neck and remember to play on your fingertips as close to the frets as possible. Choose a seat or chair with appropriate height. The height must be accurate because when you sit your thigh will be angled just slightly upward. Raise the guitar high enough so that your hands can get to the frets. Put the guitar on your right knee if you are right handed and classical guitarists use their left knee. Keep the guitar straight and the neck of the guitar should be angled slightly upward.

For left hand technique hold your thumb on the back of the fingerboard on the upper side of the neck. Be careful not to put your thumb on top of the neck. Your wrist should be low with some air space between your palm and the neck of the guitar. Your four fingers should be evenly spaced. Notice how the middle two fingers are coming straight onto the fret board. Your first and fourth fingers are curved slightly toward the frets.

When standing, use a strap to sling the guitar around your neck. Generally, the lower your guitar, the cooler you look and the harder it is to play. Adjust the strap until you find a position that you feel comfortable with. If you think it’s too high, as you improve, slowly move it down until you get to the height at which you want to play. Having the middle of the guitar at belt height is the most common (and recommended) position.

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