Steps to Seventh Heaven — A Beginner’s guide to extended Range guitars

For novice guitarists wishing to initiate their exploration of music via a 7 string, or perhaps for a more experienced player wishing to branch out there are many options to exploit when the time for a first purchase arrives. The number of manufacturers offering 7 string instruments these days is staggering and a full examination of all possible luthiers would be beyond the purview of a single article. So I’ve chosen to focus on the lower end of the spectrum with the caveat that much more expensive exist but are generally aimed towards those with suitable experience.

In this instance I’ve chosen £3–400 as my highest priced instruments given a large number of choices for the budding 7-string player. The following is by no means an exhaustive list of the options available, but the prices and specifications are fairly representative. For the most part these guitars are built on an S-shape, have a 25 ½ scale with 24 frets, feature maple necks with rosewood fret boards, proprietary pickups in an H configuration, tune o’matic bridges and functional hardware.

The differences generally occur in neck profile, headstock design and the usual idiosyncrasies peculiar to each particular company. For more guitar accessories and strings login to It is a complete store for your musical instruments and accessories.

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