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Chain of Change

How the Meerkat Community used the power of live streaming and Bitcoin (via ChangeTip) to raise funds for the Nepal Earthquake disaster…..

When I first received a tip online, I responded with a bewildered thought; “what the heck is this ChangeTip thing?!” And being a curious meerkat that I am, I decided to delve and learn more about the mysterious world of Bitcoin and online tipping.

ChangeTip is like having loose coins in your pockets and you want to give it away. Only, you do it online.

Within days of learning about ChangeTip, a tragic and major earthquake strikes Nepal and it devastated the whole country. Hearing the news and cries for help made me utterly useless and powerless and I thought “what can I do to help the people of Nepal?”

Rather than moping around and over thinking about it; I quickly zoomed into action and organised a fundraising effort on Meerkat.

Let’s rally together and raise funds for Red Cross.
Let’s do multiple and multiple streams.
We’re going to raise funds!
We’re going to raise awareness for Nepal!

It’s been three days and the overwhelming response has been positively awesome and I am so proud of my Meerfamily (an endearing slang for Meerkat community). They dug deep into their hearts, bear the headaches of understanding what Bitcoin and online tipping is and many have set up a new ChangeTip account.

So far we collectively raised over $700.

By chucking ourselves in the deep end, we have banded together and created an even stronger community. As early adopters, we have set the foundation to ensure that we create a postive and empathetic environment. I admit that I’m learning as I go along and having you guys along with the ride makes it much enjoyable.

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency,
simply said it’s virtual money.

More than that, it has inspired others to run their own #Stream4Nepal fundraising and you can do one too. There’s been so many beautiful moments and a positive chain reaction has happened that one cannot help but have faith in humanity.

If you want to run your own fundraising Meerkast stream for Nepal: Schedule one and feel free to add @ChangeTip and/or #Stream4Nepal

(ends 24 May 2015, 11.59AM PST)

Suzanne raised about $600
Liza collected $105.69
Manuel raised $30
John Chin (including album sales) $30
Jeff Needles passed over $15 to my kitty.
Michaelana $22
Ray tbc

A shoutout for those who run a fundraising stream
Stoney (@StoneyGreen)
Malia (@TheMalia)
Safia (@CurlySafia)

Though, If we ever reach $2,500 for Nepal…

We have till this Sunday 3 May to raise as much as we can.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all, mostly Mr Ben Rubin, dance for Nepal?

Every little loose change can have a huge impact.
If you like to be part of something, I hope you be part of this.
Let’s help Nepal. Let’s do this together.

-Suzanne Nguyen (@StringStory)

— —


Open an account and start off with some freebie Bitcoin (2000 bits)
** ChangeTip is a Bitcoin micro-tipper that helps you leverages social media (ie Twitter, Facebook, ect).

ChangeTip me!
All tips will be redirected to Red Cross: StringStory.tip.me

ChangeTip on Twitter
Tweet with the following: “@Handle/Mention $… @changetip”

Example of using Twitter to tip online.

ChangeTip while watching a Meerstream
Turn your Twitter toggle on and comment with the following: $… @changetip
Example: $1 @changetip

Some mental notes:
- it’s microdonation, under <$25 is acceptable
- though I’ve accepted big tips before

How to buy Bitcoin: www.circle.com (worldwide)
Use your credit card and bang, you have Bitcoin

Bitcoin Vault: Trezor (worldwide)

Bitcoin Wallet: Coinbase (USA) — Coinjar (Australia, Europe)

Side note: You should have a negligible or small amount on ChangeTip account.
(ie less 1 BTC, approx $224, as of Thursday 30/5/2015, 1.30AM AEST)

If you really curious and want to learn about Bitcoin, follow and tweet these dudes:
@AnalyzerX7 (Bitcoin Yoda)
@JointSPC (Meerkat’s very own Bitcoin Trader)

Tell them, @StringStory has sent me to you. :P

Disclaimer: I am not nor do I claim to be an expert on Bitcoin.

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