About Me

Hello everyone, this post marks the beginning of my journey into the User Experience Design Immersive (UXDI) program at General Assembly. I’m taking UXDI because I want to both grow as a Graphic Designer and possibly shift careers and become a UX/UI/Visual Designer.

I’m a Pratt grad with a BFA in Communications Design. Having focused my degree in Graphic Design, I’ve worked steadily as a designer for the past seven months at a growing studio. Before the studio, I freelanced with clients ranging from non-profits to in-house design teams. Throughout that time, I took it upon myself to try and learn new skills both in my spare time and on the job. UX grabbed my attention throughout this learning process.

I’ve read a book or two about UX since graduating and noticed that many of the fundamental principles of usability apply to Graphic Design. The small amount of reading didn’t turn me into a UX expert but it’s given me a desire to formally study UX. Taking this program is a step in advancing forward as a problem solver. I’m interested in UX, UI, and Visual Design so I’m looking forward to developing new, refined portfolio that showcases it all. If you’d like to see a selection of work I’ve done to date, please visit my website.