Plex Media Player — Screenshot

Recently I decided that my 1st generation Chromecast just wouldn’t cut it anymore for streaming 4K content from my Plex Media Server (PMS). As a result I chose to take one of my unused NUCs and build a Plex Media Player (PMP) PC.

After going through the basic install, I began digging around the settings trying to find away to configure WiFi. Now if you are reading this, then have mostly like discovered the same thing I had. There is no network settings. According to the official docs PMP Embedded OS only supports wired ethernet connections. …

A few weeks ago I was tasked with redesigning/simplifying our company website. However, after reimplementing the first 30 or so pages, I began to run into invalid routes. 404s all over the place. PDFs not downloading, Javascript files not loading, so on and so forth.

To combat this I decided to write a bash script to extract the URLs from src and hrefs, then pass them to to cURL to perform a HEAD request. After curling the page header the script would grep for 404s. as you could imagine, this was becoming tedious and was not perfect. Enter wget.

In On A Horse Rides A Knight In Shinning Armor


Austin Barrett

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