Help the Earliest Startups

I’m here to tell you about the watering hole of some of the hottest upcoming startups. If you had been there 9 years ago, you might have been one of the first people to hear about a company called “Dropbox”. More recently it’s been host to Codecademy, Firebase, & Watsi. I’m talking about a small part of Hacker News — Show HN. It’s usually the first place developers post their newest startup, side project, weekend hack, library, app. Show HN is often the first place startups go to find out — “Does anyone need what we’re making?”

It’s hard to find topics developers agree on: P vs NP, SQL vs NoSQL, but one of the most common themes amongst programmers is that we like building things. If you’re trying to start a startup, it’s often tempting to keep building, before finding out if anyone really needs what you’re making. Many founders lament not having launched earlier, to find out what their users actually need. We often hear that a company has “pivoted”, but every day startups are making lots of small decisions that guide the direction of the company.

Here’s where you come in — new startups post their earliest work with the title “Show HN: Blah for Blah”. You can see these new posts by going to HN and clicking “Show” → “Newest” or click here . These posts need two things from you!

  1. Are you a potential user of what they’re building? Try it out and give them feedback in the comments or email them. They are very eager to hear why you would or wouldn’t use their tool and how to make it better.
  2. Are you not a potential user of what they’re building? Pass it along! Not a lot of pastry chefs read Hacker News, so if you see a new app for pastry chefs, send it to your pastry chef friends! Your pastry chef friends will love it — everyone wants to be the first to try new tech!

Lastly, if you’re building something, post it to Show HN.