05.04.2017 23:06 “Tables Turn, Bridges Burn, you live and you learn

Floor Dances

  • Photo shoot where the models end up having sex. Oh, my kingdom to be a male model… (suitable for work, but I would still wait till you get home).
  • Israel is supporting ISIS to destabilize Syria — what? I guess my enemies enemy is my friend. Then again, might just be those crazy kids at ZeroHedge…
  • New Zizek book. Zizek is if your friend that likes to run his mouth when drunk and is a hipster-turned-financier decided to be a philosopher. Zizek is your favorite Marxist’s favorite Marxist. I can say that I have read some Zizek — can’t say that I understand him 100%. But aren’t we all enthralled by that which we don’t understand (the opposite sex, the markets, our fathers…)
  • New post from our favorite flaneur. If only everybody who graduated from that business school in Philadelphia was this bad ass. Essentially, here Nassim Taleb is telling us: Live IRL, please.

Dime — Talise S.



Raptors vs. Cavs

Cavs -2.5

Record: 3–0–3

(Last Gamble — Rockets +5.5 — LOSS)