What the hell is feminism got to do with sexual exploitation.
Junaid Khan

This is exactly why I tag this as feminism. People who do not believe feminism and sex work are compatible are either misogynistic or they’re sex worker exclusionary radical feminists {SWERFs, they’re called for short. Look it up}.

Here is the neat thing: I am objectified in our culture. I am cat called on the street, approached by strangers, my path blocked by men who think I owe them my time when I just want to get back home with my groceries. I have turned that into a way of profiting. I control the scenario, my interactions and I do so for profit.

There’s a misogynistic way of thinking that associates purity in women and femmes with innate value and thus a woman who is immodest or promiscuous clearly has less value. This is a value system ascribed to me because I don’t feel like my nudity is this holy, sacred thing reserved for just partners.

A body is a body and I’m happy to dance around naked. I need to work 6 days a month on average for 5 hours each day to make approximately 1.5x what I was making working 9 to 5 20 days a month doing science. Please, lecture me further on how I can’t possibly be happy. Please tell me how being more assertive, being physically stronger than I’ve ever been, and being less afraid of men is me being exploited. Please tell me I’m brainwashed and I should put some clothes on because no man will ever want me.

Anyone who cannot honor the fact that I love what I do {while it can be hard at times} and cannot see that it makes me stronger is not worth my goddamn time or effort. I have no lack of suitors and lovers who are good to me and whole heatedly encourage me. They respect my body, they respect my work.

I’m sorry you seem so intimidated by a femme who knows herself and her mind. Perhaps examine the source of your own insecurities and allow yourself to accept the fact that having autonomy over my body and using it to make money and financially benefitting off of consensual objectification is actually an innately empowering thing. Sitting at a desk was more soul crushing than stripping is for me.

This is your one warning: I do not believe in censoring people but if you continue leaving unconstructive comments, I will block you because the onus is not on me to engage with you and convince you that I’m happy and empowered. It’s pretty misogynistic of you to /not/ trust that that’s my lived experience, that I have given a great deal more thought to this than you ever could, and to be incredulous that I could possibly know my own mind.

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