I’m going to try a little experiment

I’ve realised that I read a lot of articles over the course of a week. Some I just scan and some I read in more detail. Some I tweet. But I often lose track of where I read an interesting thing.

So. The experiment is that I’m going to post links to the interesting stuff I find here, along with any specific questions or thoughts that I have.

Here goes:

Why your big swanky museum might be crap: nice anecdote about how important storytelling and interpretation is in making a museum collection interesting to a visitor. I don’t think there’s anything especially new in here given other conversations I’ve heard (online and offline) but the anecdotes are good examples that bring the ‘problem’ to life and make it real.

8 things I’ve learnt from 8 years of user testing some good points that support and underpin general ‘writing for web’ principles but which can’t be said enough times! There are also a couple of points which I feel out of date but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong!

Museum business models in the digital economy: Chris Michaels has done some interesting work over recent years and this is a nice run through of some ideas and observations. I especially like the idea of dynamic exhibition pricing. I buy a lot more theatre tickets than I do exhibition tickets and I was surprised not to see any variation in cost when I last bought tickets myself.

How Nicholas Serota’s Tate changed Britain — I still haven’t read this in full so this is as much a bookmark as anything else!

Working smarter with the right technology — always a good title but some good stuff from Andrew Thomas in here about getting the most out of unused venue space (if you’re lucky enough to be an arts or heritage building with empty rooms from time to time!)