Autumn at the door. Moments of desperate expectation of the Indian summer. Days so windy and rainy that you return with your underwear soaked and head blown out as knickers in a tumble dryer. Leaves to be turned red and yellow because they lose color blue. I still haven’t accepted that the summer’s gone. Have you?

VV Newsletter 2015~09

Those who follow these articles since the day I have started writing it down can notice that I balanced the topics of articles. It won’t work that way today. I won’t balance the articles intentionally, change is inevitable, life is diverse and so will be this release.


For photographers I have one useful site to share. It’s a simulator of focal length, aperture and field depth. In other words, if you set a camera and object in a certain way, what will be blurred and what sharp.


Ever had a feeling you don’t see the same color as the others. I do and it’s not a feeling. My color perception is distorted. Green and blue is sometimes neither green nor blue. If you would like to have your color perception measured this is the place to do so. Make sure the four color bars are visible in one row before you start sorting. I ended up with something around 300 points.


It’s completely true from my perspective that the way back feels shorter. On the other hand, whenever I have an option to choose a different route to return, I do so. If you like to know why the return feels faster, read on.

I am a photo enthusiast. I love the way the machine captures an elusive moment even for years to come. Perspective amazes me, try circling through a room and it will look completely different. I try to carry a camera everywhere, currently I use Praktica BCA with two fixed lenses 28 and 50mm and Nikon D5100 with 18–105 lens. For a sample of my work you can have a look here.

What I would like to highlight is a photo report dedicated to fathers and children. To be honest it reminded me of the moments from my growing time.

Apparently there’s a hidden usage of coffee leftovers apart from soothsaying. I definitely dig this one plus the details are amazing. I wish to had a firm hand like that.

I never tried long-boards. As a cyclist I am a fan of brakes. The video below seeps with freedom and Nordics nature to see. What’s not to like about that? Hope you’ll enjoy.

It seems we will part for some time now. I will collect what seems to be shareable with willing readers and reappear at the most convenient moment. See you in few weeks. Few songs that accompanied me for past weeks are below for your convenience and listening pleasure.