Second bucket of ideas and observations cooked just for you. Something I learned, something I improved based on highly valuable feedback. Let’s dive into this as it’s probably dark outside or raining anyway.

VV Newsletter 2014~11

FUII convention has proven to be useful, let’s stick to that. Funny, Useful, Important, Inspiring are headers for inspirations below. Only change I made is a new movie section as nights are getting longer and colder. You won’t receive any other instructions, you are already doing more than fine.


Winter is behind doors, although I don’t see snow yet. The question is how far is the door. There are places on earth where they actually have snow and they apparently have cameras as well. Behold, the picturesque winter towns. Our Czech brothers hit the list three times, they obviously know how to snow.


It’s fairly easy to choose which one of two is better. It’s harder to rate several options from worst to best. Sorting can be fun, there’s a game to prove it. Timeline. But that’s not what I wanted to tell. Here is a list of better options for men that seek style. I see a space for discussion, for instance under this blog post.

Mind maps are like road maps but without roads. Also scale do not play a role, only branches. Why mind maps? It’s almost the same as scribbling on paper. But it’s online and changes are easier. And it has colors. I use it to track food I eat in time so my diet is diverse. When I have really no idea what to choose, I just open the “food map” and get inspired. There are also other uses such as goal definition, family trees, brainstorming, problem solving… I received a positive recommendation on Mindmeister, which is really sophisticated tool. I prefer this one as it’s as simple as possible.


We type, most of us daily. It can be done fast, without errors and without looking at the keys. But who does it? I try and I found a helpful aid, but it’s still a learning curve. My record is 63 words per minute, which makes me maybe an apprentice padawan.

I happen to exist in Bartislava for some years now. And I overcame the mixed feelings and discovered the hidden treasures of the city fairly quickly. It didn’t even take a decade. Not so long ago I realized that there is a shortcut to this precious knowledge. A map to a mine field, a key from a weekend cabin a PIN to a credit card. There is map created by asking locals what they recommend to see, visit, taste, experience and maybe regret. Map is targeted at young travelers and updated irregularly. The project itself includes maps of other Europe cities as well including Prague, Warsaw, Vienna, Brno, Barcelona…


As a photogramateur I enjoy photos with ideas, capturing moments of life with ingenuity. Thought provoking topics are my favorite. For inspiration I frequently visit a site dedicated to international new and professional photographers. To be exact, I subscribed to get a weekly feed to my gmail as it’s more covering my irregular zeal for photo inspirations. As still images are my beloved media format and guilty pleasure it may not latch onto you straight away. On the other hand, what can you lose?

Movie tips

Christmas movie can be funny, adventurous and even a bit scary. Besides, anything from Terry Pratchett is worth the time.

As a horror fan I must recommend this more than different interpretation of Santa Claus story. It’s Finnish, it’s dark a he will make you behave.

To mix genres is an art, just like mixing a perfect drink. None of the ingredients should prevail, yet none should blend in. Ideally you end up with something like this Danishdrama/comedy jewel starring Mads Mikkelsen.

Animated epic. This is a subtitle of a movie based on Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. There will be blood, but that can be assumed as the story takes place in hell. Anyway, wait until Dante gets his hand on a scythe.

James McAvoy in blonde edition starring a British drama. This is the slowest and the last movie to recommend for now. The piece can show you that you really have more than you realize and everyone has it’s own perception of independence.

To finish off I would like to wish all of you a quality time with family, good food and time to relax. No need to rush, end of year is nigh and now’s the time to slow down and reflect. Harvest the days off, survive the travel home unharmed and enjoy the warmth of your home.

Lastly a playlist of songs that I discovered during past month and that might attract you as well.