The 29th world congress of the International Federation of Journalists meets this week, from June 7 to 10, in Angers, France.

I am a congress delegate representing the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance: the Australian journalists’ union.

As a strong believer in transparency in representative organisations, when I can grab some time this week, I will post some of my observations, thoughts and some photos of the congress.

Angers is in the Pays-de-la-Loire region of France, south-west of Paris. Angers is on the Loire River between Nantes to the west and Tours to the east.

In Angers this week, delegates from around the world to discuss and debate some of the most pressing matters facing journalists and journalism.

Importantly, delegates will also be ensuring IFJ governance and finance transparency is improved. There were many questions raised last congress in Dublin about the manner in which the organisation is run.

The National Media Section of MEAA has asked our delegation to report back on IFJ governance as a matter of priority.

Other matters facing congress include:

  • meta-data laws;
  • protection for whistleblowers and journalist sources;
  • press freedom;
  • gender equity in journalism;
  • the fight against impunity for murderers of journalists;
  • safety for journalists;
  • the economics of journalism and the threats to jouranistic independence and integrity: are Google and Facebook saving or swallowing journalism?

I am a nominee for the congress presidium of five that will run congress while it is in session. If elected, this will keep me very busy.

The rest of MEAA’s delegation is:

  • Paul Murphy, MEAA chief executive. Paul attended IFJ Dublin in 2013
  • Shauna Black, MEAA board member and freelance journalist
  • Ben Butler, MEAA Victoria state council member, MEAA Safety and Solidarity Fund committee and business journalist at The Australian
  • Alana Schetzer, MEAA Victoria, Women in Media Victoria and most recently at The Age
  • Michael Janda, MEAA board member, media section vice-president and ABC business journalist
  • Former MEAA federal secretary Chris Warren is attending as an outgoing member of the IFJ congress in an observer status.

That’s enough for now.

Any questions you can shoot them to me at or tweet them at me @strom_m.

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