Rain, humidity, and more rain.

A basic summary of the week.

As I write this, Tropical Storm Madeline passes just underneath Hawai’i Island. Every so often, there’s a gust of heavy rain for an hour or so, then silence.

I kinda like the rain. It still feels too quiet here. No honking cars or overly loud motorcycles passing by.

The kind of humidity here feels different than the humidity on O’ahu. Shouldn’t, but it does. It feels harsher here. When I walk out of a room with AC, it feels like I have walked into a wall of hot air. Something I’ll have to get used to, now. Especially because I’m gonna be working in a Theatre that seems to double the humidity outside.

Oh, yeah. I guess I got a job.

A University funded student job, of course. To some, this doesn’t count as my first “real” job, but it’s money to help fund my education that doesn’t come from my parents, so it’s a job, dammit. I’m lucky that I’ve secured work in a theatre (which will either reinforce my love for it, or make me want to change my desired profession altogether).

I also officially added a second major this week. Communications seems (for now) a major that could plausibly get me a job in a variety of fields. Then again, I’ve also been enjoying my Astronomy classes more than I enjoyed most of my other classes in middle and high school. If it wasn’t for the truly ridiculous levels of math involved, maybe that would’ve been my major.

The classes I spent the most time worrying about were my three hour ones, but so far, they seem to be bearable. My 5 pm once-a-week Astro Lab does not force you to stay the entire three hours, and my 5 pm once-a-week Communications class professor doesn’t take himself too seriously. My Astro class professor has a very heavy French accent, and likes to involve food in his lectures. My theatre professor has been in her field for decades, and is honestly one of the coolest teachers I’ve ever had. I’ve been complaining to my parents about my english professor who refuses to do anything electronically, and has even made english boring for me, something I thought impossible.

We have to print everything for her class. Ugh.


The homesickness hasn’t really gone away. Just sort of mellowed out enough for me to focus in class. What’s kept me going is the possibility that I could be going home for a day or two in the next two weeks, to see my brother(s) and my cats and to take care of my mom after a procedure (minor outpatient procedure, but a procedure nonetheless). Ryan Ozawa will be coming to see me on Sept. 17, exactly a month to the day my parents left me to go back to O’ahu.

At least once a day, I’ll get a text from someone back home (other than my parents). Most of the time, it’ll be something stupid that makes me laugh. A meme or a screenshot or a snapchat of something silly at school. But sometimes, inexplicably, it’ll make me sad very suddenly. Just this morning, I got a text from a high school friend telling me to be safe, and asking if they could mail me glitter. Which was funny at first, until I remembered the kind of funny stunts she pulls/used to pull at school, and I just sat there missing my friend for an hour or two.

I listened to my father’s and Burt Lum’s radio show last week (every Wednesday on HPR 2!) and called in. Couldn’t help but wonder what the people listening in thought of me, if they could tell my dad knew me somehow. It didn’t make me miss him and his antics any less. I miss Jennifer Ozawa and her tendency to cuss under her breath while driving. I miss my cats and waking up every morning with something heavy and furry on my legs. And I’ll see them (or my parents, at least) soon (but not soon enough).

But for now, I have this as my phone home screen.

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