The Release of The Orkan

The Orkan is on the horizon. This post will give you a quick overview of the project (in case you are new here), guide you through our public sale, and provide important information to the community regarding the airdrop and pre-sale tokens.

What’s the Orkan?

The Orkan ($ORK) is a meta-governance protocol that aims to bootstrap the liquidity flow on the Fantom Opera Blockchain. It’s going to use bond issuance to acquire governance tokens from the projects that employ liquidity gauges and locking mechanisms as exchange incentives. At the time of publishing, we are mainly referring to SpiritSwap and LiquidDriver.

Also, by using some of the voting power accrued by the Orkan, we are looking to enable deep liquidity and usage of wrapped BTC assets within Fantom. But why? To build our way to one of our long-term objectives: creation of a powerful, flexible and unprecedented neutral entity across the interchain. This will allow our holders to (safely) enjoy numerous incentives in an unpredictable and diversified liquidity landscape.

Why SpiritSwap?

SpiritSwap is one of the most important protocols (and gateways) on the FTM ecosystem. Their high product diversity and constant innovation is an example of what DeFi should be.

That’s why 75% of the $SPIRIT acquired is going to be locked as $inSPIRIT and 25% is going to remain liquid for our treasury to re-allocate freely (according to the DAO’s vote).

Why LiquidDriver?

LiquidDriver has been accruing a lot of well-deserved attention. By having one of the most cohesive and active communities in the space, they have achieved a firm, but flexible grip over FTM.

That’s why we are locking 75% of the obtained $LQDR for $xLQDR. This will allow us to harvest a lot of value out of their yield rewards and perpetually feed our treasury. As with $SPIRIT, 25% of $LQDR is going to remain liquid.

What’s planned for the future?

Currently, our resources are being devoted towards the “Bootstrapping Phase” or Phase 1. For the moment, we are solely looking to increase the treasury and the value behind $ORK. Once we achieve our first milestone, the DAO will evaluate and decide what are going to be the next steps of the protocol towards our long-term objectives.

What about the Pre-Sale and Airdrop tokens?

Both pre-sale and airdrop tokens are going to be delivered directly to your wallet. There’s no need to claim your tokens anywhere, you only have to wait until the contract has been deployed. In both cases, the tokens are going directly to the addresses that participated in the $TRDL lock on Ethereum.

What about $ORK’s Public Sale?

With the objective of protecting our investors, we have decided to start our Public Sale in a Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) on BeethovenX’s platform. We believe this is the only way to protect new buyers from slippage, investors from suffering significant price impact, and seed investment from being diluted, while minimizing the treasury’s cost of providing liquidity to the launching pool. Objectively, this is the most capital-efficient way of bootstrapping new treasury assets.

Note: We are updating this Medium post after we launch to include a simple buying and bonding guide with all of the official links.

Time of Launch: TBA




Strudel is a reserve currency on Fantom, that will pose as a proxy for the growing Spirit ecosystem. Our main goal is to acquire sizeable positions in the best

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Strudel DAO

Strudel DAO

Strudel is a reserve currency on Fantom, that will pose as a proxy for the growing Spirit ecosystem. Our main goal is to acquire sizeable positions in the best

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