Seeing Red

Being sick in college is, as they say, no bueno. There you are, sitting in your dorm bedroom with significant lackage of adult, wondering if you would actually *die* if you were to just skip meals and stay in bed for the next week or so. Add on classes that require things such as awareness and mental prowess, and you’ve got yourself an interesting time.

Perhaps the most lethal of college sicknesses that I encountered was the classic pink-eye. Not only does that little sucker creep up on you OUTTA NOWHERE, but it effectively turns you into a leper —you can always blame a raspy sick voice on “Too much cheering at the game”, or “lol! karaoke, am I right?!”, but PINK EYEBALLS really leave you with few options besides becoming a sunglassed wonder.

Of course, I encountered pink eye within the first few weeksof school. By “pink eye”, I mean that I had not one, but TWO fully flamingo-hued eyeballs, all puffy and sad like I had been watching depressing PETA videos for 24 hours straight. Makeup is no longer your friend during this stressful time in your life, so all hopes of putting on a masquerade of dignity and/or not-grossness are out the door. Add on a runny nose from allergies, and you have got all you need to become me during the first month of school: red-dy to go!


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