Job Recruiters… one step below telemarketers!

For the last few days, I decided I need any job, and I can find my dream job later. I contacted every staffing agency I could. I heard back from a few, found some that are no longer in business — oh, the irony! I got in contact with one particular — Cybercoders, and let me tell you, my first interaction with them was just ridiculous. The job they reached out to me for had the following requirements:

10 plus years of experience and knowledge of:
- Water engineering and planning design.
- California professional engineer licence. (didn’t even spell license right)
- Proficiency in water, hydraulic and sewer master planning.
- Previous experience with SoCal muni water projects.
- Degree in Environmental Engineering
- Civil Engineer registration in California.

I have none of these qualifications which leads me to believe that they didn’t even read my resume. This just further supported my thoughts on recruiters, which are the following:

  • Recruiters are a waste of time and space! They are just there to steal money from the company and take jobs from those of us who could actually benefit that said company.
  • Recruiters do nothing all day — must be nice! I have yet to meet a recruiter that does anything, and the one’s that do answer, only answer because I have done their job for them. I reach out to everyone I can who might actually get me a job, and they take credit for it. To be honest, I only use them to get the company email format. That is their only use in this world of job hunting. Explanation: When they respond via LinkedIn, in their signature is normally their company email, so I go to Linkedin and pull up everyone that I think might actually know something about the job and plug in their name in the email format, and voila! Try it! Recruiters won’t acknowledge you, go around them to the people that will. Try it!!!
  • Recruiters only want to help those who do their job for them. Why is that? Are you just that lazy?
  • Recruiters should be ashamed of themselves, telemarketers work harder than you.
  • Recruiters don’t even understand what the job they are supposedly searching for requires as far as qualifications. Half the time I talk to a recruiter about a position, they have no idea what they are talking about. They are just looking for keywords. Recruiters couldn’t spell those keywords if they needed to.
  • Recruiters advertise jobs on Linkedin, but when it comes down to it, they don’t even acknowledge those who have reached out to them. There is nobody that busy that they can’t respond to an email with “thanks, but no thanks”. It’s not a matter that they don’t have time to respond, it’s they don’t want to respond. People reached out to you because you told them to, now do you part and quit being a rude prick/bitch. I’m talking to you Sonny at Disney.
  • Recruiters! You are there to help people find jobs, some of these people are desperate and have families. I know you are there for the company mostly, but you often make the company look bad with your no answer bullshit. Most people would be fired from their job if they didn’t keep an open line of communication with people or provide timely responses, and you should be too!
  • Recruiters shouldn’t be so obvious about making their quota. I should reach out your boss and tell him/her what a fraud you are. How dare you get my hopes up on a potential bag of shit that has nothing to do with my qualifications.

I think I will stop there because it only gets uglier, but if you’ve ever dealt with these idiotic waste of space individuals then you would know.

Ironically as I pick up this post again, I had a video game company’s recruiters reach out to me, and they actually gave me a good understanding of the job and even turned me down for one of the four I applied for. I guess what I don’t understand is why so few recruiters actually do their job.

You might ask me, how do you know you just aren’t qualified, and the answer is I had a recruiter tell me that had I not reached out to them, they would have never looked at my resume. While I was caught off guard by the honesty, I didn’t think I would hear that. For the record, I got down to the final interview for that said position, and lost out to a more qualified candidate. Back to that recruiter, so… let me get this straight…had I not done his job and presented myself on a pretty little platter, he would have gone with… what?… the first few resumes that had a couple of the keywords he was looking for. That’s utter crap!

I have been presenting my resume platter to several recruiters for years now, and the 5% that actually respond to me say things like that position was filled internally, and the position was only posted because we had to — better luck next time. Once again, I asked so what are you, as a recruiter, doing if they only hiring internal candidates?

I struggle with this… if I have to go through a recruiter for most any jobs, how do I make their job a little easier so they will actually do it? There has to be a better way.

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