Nobody wants to train anybody for an entry level position, and that’s the truth!

If you’ve read my other post, you know that I am struggling to find a job. At this very point, any job would be something I might be interested in. In the next week, if I don’t hear anything from anyone about a potential interview, that street corner with all those scantily clad ladies is going to start looking very appealing.

All joking aside, I have gotten interviews, phone interviews with recruiters that normally go nowhere, but I don’t give up there. No sir! I go to the hiring party because as I’ve stated in my previous post, I don’t trust nor care for most recruiters. I go straight to the hiring party via email, which always leads to a phone call with the actually hiring party. It’s become a ritual of mine, a dance if you will, twisting and turning that recruiter until they are too dizzy and they get the fuck out of my way.

I won’t start on recruiters right now, but I will discuss the common two answers I hear after these phone calls with the hiring party. One is that I’m overqualified for the position, and they want someone who isn’t going to be bored. I always respond with the answer “I won’t be bored, and I’d be happy to put my time in at your company. I like working my way up and proving myself.” They come back with their common answer — “This position wouldn’t move up fast enough for a spark-plug like you.” So what you’re really saying is there is no room to advance, and you don’t want to deal with that later? You want someone, with no aspirations, to come into the job and never leave. As pissed off as this response makes me for 1) they think they are doing me a favor and 2) what a fucked up place already, but as pissed off as this makes me, they are being honest. It’s a shame that nobody really wants to have people grow in their company.

Side note: You might be wondering if I have gone outside of my fucked up career path of entertainment, and the answer is yes. I was actually informed for an entry sales position that I should work retail until I have two years under my belt, so that I can fully understand sales. I have a background in marketing, go figure, but that leads me to my next point…

The second answer I hear is that they want someone with more experience, yet the job posting is requesting exactly my experience. Most of the time, the entry level position that I’ve applied for, the hiring party has the audacity to tell me that they want someone who they don’t have to train. So let’s think about this one, if all entry level positions want someone they don’t have to train, then where does one start? I can’t get an internship, nor can I afford to go without pay.

So I am left struggling with this… where does one start a new venture in their career or start a whole new career path if even the entry level positions want you have some experience?

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