Comparing In Home Overnight Pet Sitting Vs. Kennels

What do you do about your pets when you find yourself needing (or wanting) to travel away from home for a night or more? Consider the following two options: 1. leaving your pet at a boarding facility; or 2. having a professional pet care giver come to your home overnight. Let’s consider the pros and cons of each options.

When considering a boarding facility, the pros include 24-hour supervision, no one sleeping in your home and usually a lower cost. However there are some significant cons as well. These include the very high susceptibility to communicable diseases such as dog influenza and kennel cough; your beloved pets will spend much of the day in a cage surrounded by unfamiliar sounds and scents, awaiting their daily outing; and your home will remain unsupervised while you are away.

The other alternative is having a professional stay at your home overnight. The pros of this solution are that your pet stays in their familiar surroundings. Free to roam around in the safety and comfort of their own home as they do any other day, surrounded by familiar sounds, and smells; and your home will also be protected and looked after by a trusted professional. But like with any situation, you must consider the cons as well which in this case include having someone stay at your home, eat at your table, and drink from your cups; and this solution cost is usually a little more than a boarding facility.

Our pets are an extension of our family, and while they can always join us on our trips or vacations, we want to ensure that they are cared for and not disrupted more than necessary. To that end, the overnight at home is a terrific model to keep your pet at ease while feeling secure about your home too.

What to look for in the at-home overnight stay:
- Has the pet sitter passed a certified background check?
- Is the pet sitter a professional, or someone doing this as an occasional side job?
- Is the pet sitter trained in animal behavior and pet first aid?
- Is the pet sitter insured, bonded, and licensed?
- Does the pet sitter have a support system that includes backups in case the need arises?

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