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Everyone loves the red carpet treatment. We enjoy being made to feel special with exclusive access, VIP experiences and privileges. We can’t promise to treat you like a king in the real world. But in the realm of Football-Stars, we certainly can and will do that, with every member of our official VIP Club.

As you might have heard, the sale of our utility token STRYKZ has already started. And we intend to reward every participant of the token sale with a free membership to our VIP Club.

“So what exactly does a VIP Club member get?” Great question — spoken like a true VIP! Jokes aside, here is a sneak peek of several of the exciting new features we have kept behind closed doors until now.


You will be delighted by a broad range of new and exclusive customization options which you will be able to access as a VIP member. From unique avatars, to custom color-coded user titles and fanclub logos. We will have everything ready for you to express your individuality inside the game.

You can also look forward to in-depth statistics that will only be available to VIP members.

Do you want to have a fresh start with all these options? We’ve got you covered. Alongside your membership comes an optional one-time reset on your username and statistics, for all the perfectionists out there.

Founding a Fanclub

We are developing the next big thing — the Fanclub feature. You will be among the first players to receive the authority to found and lead an in-game Fanclub.

Gather a group of friends, fans and like-minded people and grow your own Fanclub. Climb up the Fanclub ranking board and qualify for the Football-Stars Cup where the best clubs will compete against each other in a tournament bracket.

Earn seasonal club rewards ranging from Coins, Stars and STRYKZ, to precious club items that will boost the Coin or Experience Points income of every club member.

Dedicated Forum Section

We are going to have a centralized community forum built directly inside the game. Here people can discuss, debate and hang out with like-minded football fans.

As a member of the VIP Club you will have access to the otherwise restricted VIP Section of the forum.

You and all members of your Fanclub will receive a dedicated channel inside the forum to discuss all things related to the club.

Sponsored, User Generated Content

You might have read about this in our whitepaper: We are planning to expand Football-Stars into a community driven platform and incentivize our users to create content such as articles, guides, custom challenges and much more.

If you are creative and football is your passion we want to offer a platform where you can earn STRYKZ with your efforts and build yourself an audience. Especially, as a VIP member, you will benefit from more exposure. We will feature your content in-game, on the front news page, and you will receive a bigger canvas space for your content previews.

And this is only a small fraction of the upcoming features that we have in the pipeline. With the launch of the STRYKZ token, Football-Stars is going to undergo major changes towards a self-sustaining community.

Be part of that transition and join the VIP Club by participating in the STRYKZ ICO. The token sale will last until July 29th.

For more information and to participate, visit the STRYKZ website.

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