I’m not sure how many educators in the #dtk12chat community you have spoken with -- or would even…
Dan Ryder


Thanks for your note. DT fans have repeatedly raised two issues with my essay: 1. That I say DT is linear when it is in fact a cyclical process. And 2. that I say the Empathize Mode is about clients when really it is about getting into the first-person perspective of the user (or something like that).

I am willing to accept both of those points. Yet, I don’t really see how they would change my larger argument about why DT is such a terrible model for general education — that it is not “the new liberal arts.”

What’s amazing to me is that almost none of the DT fans who have commented on my essay address my larger argument. What do you think that’s all about?

It seems like a kind of myopia. And for me, it drives my argument home.