Discover lovely things that you can get for free.

There was a time when we left our jobs and decided to go for a venture. If you do a startup, you never know when you’ll get your first paycheck. We bootstrapped our living, counted money and felt ourself cheap. But we were craving for the good things, though.

I’ve started looking for a good free stuff, like concerts, exhibitions, hike, restaurant grand openings and other. Quickly I’ve realized that there is a lot of things are being given away by really nice brands, and there is a reason for that. My personal collection of these goodies and service referrals has been shared many times among friends.

The idea of giving your stuff for trial is way more powerful than any other type of advertising. Imagine all marketing $$ being spent on something valuable for everyone, like free foods, clothes, software, services, etc. This is the ideal picture of the future, though. But anyways, we decided to create FocFoc and start facilitating this idea.

FocFoc will leverage the power of free stuff given to people. We encourage all brands to reconsider their marketing budget towards freebie model.

If you want to help us building this directory submit the stuff you know is good and free, and make everyone happy!

Start using free things

Good for Brands

Every single day there is a lot of $$ being spent on the advertising. And with every cent you put in, the price for people’s attention goes up higher and higher. But at the same time, quality and amount of attention decrease throughout the time.

We’re joining a new era of values behind every communication. In the future, it will be mostly inappropriate to steal someone’s attention just for spamming purposes. Every single time when you start your communication, make sure that it’s 100% valuable for the person who’s getting the message.

What can you do to bring value to your message? Just give free stuff to your potential customers. Don’t waste your money for celebrity endorsements or expensive advertorials! The product itself will become your brand ambassador.

Mail us to submit your product to FocFoc, spread the love (and, of course, your brand presence)!

Start using free things