All About Me

I thought (aka my teacher) since my blog will be about my life, it’s fair enough to share few things about myself without being judged for overly loving myself.


My name is Shamma, not Sha-am-mah, nor Shaa-maaah. it’s simply sham-ma. in arabic it means beautufil lovely scent, but we dont use it to describe a smell. it’s one of those words you'll see in poetry cause it’s an ancient word? anyway we don't use it!


I am 20 years old, i’d like to think im mature and grow up, but let’s be real all grownups act being mature. we all at curtain point will act like grownups but never realy are. my birthday in May 15th. Taurus baby, the best zodiac sign.


Well, I'm interested in books, movies, people, animals specially cats. I'm also interested in human body and their energy. one day I want to study about energy “human enegy” and act like am a psychic and creep people out, while im only feeling or take in their energy. am I creepy? yes!


Still a student, I study in Zayed univesity. hopfully will graduate in 2 years so I only have 4 semster to go. I'm currently studying communication in tourism and culture. again with people. I LOVE meeting new people, specially to show them around and talk endlessly about my country UAE, but more to hear about their country and life. since I was 16, that was my goal and it still is.


I rather people talk about my personality than myself writing it. However, i’ll be baiest and just say what is positive about me HAH!! cause that is what i need to focus on. I'm the person who you'd look at and think “wow she's uptight” but surpassingly I'm not. I'm fun, would like to think I'm funny, open mided like to the point someone would share their weirdest darkest secrets and i’ll be like “thats normal!!!!!” might not be, but it would be rude to judge. I hate to make people to feel outcasted because I wouldn't like to feel so myself. I'm nice and I need to learn how to say “no”.

enough of me.


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