This is The Beginning

Hi, my teacher asked us to start a blog ,and to start a blog i most choose a theme. he also asked us to write another post which is about “Qasr Al-Hosn” that happened to be I'm volunteered in this year!

Im writing all that because he chose something ill be living next week, so my theme will be about my life, what i like , what I've eaten, what is the latest drama or crisis that happened to me, basically sharing experiences that isnt really helpful and probably not that exciting.

Part of my life is my books, so ill be sharing about that as well. ill be posting a pictures of my books in all kind of artsy way, with small cheeky spoilers, and wether i liked/disliked it. trust me, I'm already building my own library!

I don't know if im sure this will be exsiting to write about? but right now i am happy with what i got to share.

Here is a shameless promo of my Instagram, where i show of my photography skills:

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