“You’re not the same anymore” my mother said. “You don’t seem to be having as much fun, and I seldom see you laugh and joke around as you used to. When you lived in South Africa I would never have said you were an introvert, but you increasingly seem to be now”. These comments from my mother five years into our successful church plant were a real warning to me. What had happened? Who had I become?

My church plant success didn’t preclude me from needing to walk by faith. And when my faith faltered, I resorted to self-reliance which…


Our church plant story is about as unusual as it gets. We experienced the kind of ‘success’ that every church planter dreams of. In a nutshell: My wife and I, as twenty-somethings with two small kids, got on an airplane to fly from Johannesburg to Singapore to plant Redemption Hill Church. We essentially “parachuted” into a new city.

We landed on the 3rd September 2008. I needed to find a job to qualify for a visa to stay in Singapore and to pay the bills, as our support consisted of six months of our South African salary from our sending…

Simon Murphy

Lead Pastor of Redemption Hill Church, Singapore. Moved from Johannesburg, South Africa to plant RHC in 2008. Grateful and expectant.

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