The Würst Project — an idea is born

What could possibly go wrong?

The well-known specialist butcher, the Sausage Trading Limited, reviewed its business growth and realised it had to be more creative if it was to increase its market share. Herbie Flouncy, the MD with a reputation for great ideas but no follow through, decided to look abroad. The obvious place for inspiration was Germany, “they love sausages over there”, he pondered, “all that Bratwurst, Kochwurst, Knackwurst, we can do that”. Herbie was visibly excited and just knew this could be the quick win STL had been looking for, but there was lots to do to get this new initiative moving. He remembered hearing one of his golf club pals talking about how they approach such initiatives by setting up a project. “We can do that”, Herbie mused, in fact “we’ve got enough good people to get this started now”. The followed day was the regular STL Board meeting. This meeting was the usual set of updates and non-completed actions. Towards the end of the meeting as the Board were getting restless and now starting to think about their lunch, Herbie sprang to his feet and announced “we’re going to launch a complete range of German sausages, and I know how we’re going to do it”. As it’s a huge undertaking for STL we’re going to get the right group of people together and run it properly, as a project. Fellow Board members I’d like to formerly kick-off the Würst Project”

“Let’s get together tomorrow for our first meeting — we’ll need Lucien Largesse from Sales, Gary Hardy from Production and I’ve asked young Perry Glynbourne, the Chairman’s son to attend”. The collective groan made Herbie feel he should explain why Perry was to be part of this new initiative. “Before Perry joined us to become Director of Strategy and Facilities he ran a project at his University — he’ll be the perfect Project Manager”.

The following day the group assembled with the exception of Lucien — he couldn’t make it as he had a Sales meeting to run so he nominated Alfie Worthy as his replacement. Alfie was causing Lucien a few headaches due to his not fitting in with the dynamic youthful sales team. Lucien liked this arrangement, as it kept Alfie busy whilst the Sales team could get on with the real-world activity of pitching and closing deals.

Stay tuned for more learning through parody

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