A Rebel’s leap into wild courage.

It is ok to be vulnerable and have a moment of stillness. In fact, given the changes I have made to my day to day, I highly encourage you to give it a go.

Often we feel it is right to put on a hard as nails exterior when faced with challenges. We work hard and worry alone. This book has taught me to open up when we are finding things tough. For example this month I decided to self study and sit and exam in 2 weeks, whereas it usually takes about 6 weeks. I put this pressure on myself and started to brick it as size of the task became apparent. Rather than keeping the worry to myself, I opened up and told others to be accepting if I appear somewhat off form. I’m writing this sat in Holburn Grind after passing my exam! Woopah! It feels great! 4 weeks of guilt free socialising, holla!

Another concept that this book reveals, is stillness. We too often feel that not doing anything is a sign of inefficiency. How many times do you update your newsfeed for a quick 5 second browse when you could just reflect on something?

I’m actively trying to get better at this. This coffee shop trip for example. In reflecting on the two week study and looking ahead at the next challenge: Ironman 70.2 in May! I’ve got two more exams to do before January so that I can dedicate Feb – May to training. Now if sounds a bit ‘hard as nails’ then I’ll tell you I’m bricking it!

If you’ve got any advise on training, please hit me up.