Windows 10 is a Failure

I hate to write this. Seriously, I have used Windows since version 3.0. But the quality of Windows 10 is the worst I’ve ever seen from Microsoft. Even maligned Vista stands taller. Hell, I’m thinking Windows ME might be a more solid OS. Why?

Windows 10 is fragile. It fails for no good reason on many, many fronts. Universal Windows Platform apps and the Windows Store fail repeatedly. Key components (the Start menu and the Notification Center) are unreliable. These are not driver issues; they are indicative of something fundamentally wrong.

The sign of a robust system is that it does not break without a really, really good reason. One can always hose a system by fiddling in system folders. A bad driver can cause problems. But a user mode app shouldn’t impact the OS. Deleting a test user account should not disable Windows Store apps for other users, especially when those apps were installed by the still existing user.

How can this happen? All the usual reasons: poor QA, rushed deadlines, lack of communication between dev teams, and thoroughly inadequate customer support. But, as I look at this list, I realize that these are symptoms, not causes. I can only come to the conclusion that Microsoft just doesn’t care. I’ve heard lots of really good talk from MS, but the action behind the talk? I don’t see it.

If you peruse the special circle of hell known as the, you will see MS personnel repeatedly offering useless advice . Consider this fundamental principle and repeat it until it is ingrained in your subconscious: Reinstalling or wiping out your user account are not solutions. They obfuscate the root cause of the problem and solve nothing. That answer indicates a complete failure in your OS. Nothing less.

And I know the next update or patch will not make things better. Because, honestly, why is this update any different than the last? Especially, when an explicit list of issues addressed and queued for resolution is not published. The system needs to work now. I want to use my computer, not mess around trying to make it work. Again and again and again.

I find myself, for the first time, telling friends and relatives to not consider Windows anymore. It’s become a second rate system that looks shiny but is corrupt underneath. It has caused me to reconsider other usages: I am about to embark on some IoT work and seriously considered Windows 10 for IoT on a Raspberry Pi. But in light of the issues I’m seeing, I’m concerned I’ll spend too much time on an OS that is not ready, rather than dealing with the IoT issues.

This makes me sad. Because I really want it to work well. And it should. It should be a great OS, and not an indication of a company that just doesn’t care anymore. So, please MS, can you make Windows 10 solid?

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