5 Things To Learn From Past Cyber Attacks

The world has witnessed rocking cyber attacks for two decades whilst every attack has set a new dimension for the web world users, e-commerce and cybersecurity services. The broad spectrum of cyber attacks makes the challenges harder each passing day for cybersecurity services to understand the evolving patterns of attacks and new ransomware and malware being created meticulously to even break the cybersecurity walls of high-profile companies. To name a few, here is a list of most vague cyber attacks:

  1. Google China security breach (2009)

2. A school teen hacked NASA and US defense department (1998)

3. Melissa virus attack on Microsoft word files (1999)

4. The complete internet attacked in the US for an hour (2002)

5. Instagram data hacked (2017)

6. Adobe attacked (2013)

7. Yahoo.com data stealing (2014 & 2017)

8. Facebook (2018)

9. Wannacry(2016)

10. Equifax Credit card Data Stealing (2017)

What matters for the business world online and cybersecurity services are lessons to be learnt from these various bygone attacks. Let’s take a look at the things to learn from the past cyber attacks:

  1. It can happen with anyone

Cyber attacks get known to the world mostly if the attack has been over a premium well-established company. Media does not cover or the companies do not disclose the attacks publicly. But the fact is not as we see. Despite the business size, cyber attack definitely happens to all levels of companies including start-ups.

b. Regularly update the security system

The hackers do not follow a similar pattern to attack. They innovate new ways to attack the systems and many a number of times it is unpredictable to understand the root of the attack. Hence, it is of utmost importance to keep the cybersecurity system constantly updated to beat the new forms of attacks from time to time.

c. Upgrade your OS and technology

Cybersecurity experts strongly recommend upgrading the Operating systems and technology to the latest version possible. It is not expected to upgrade as soon as it is released but way too outdated technology fails to beat the attacks efficiently. The old versions lack the support from the manufacturers in terms of updates, new features or support base for new application.

d. Back up the data on a regular basis

No one knows what kind of attack can damage your systems. Backing up data in a secure cloud, server or data storage on a regular basis ensures the risk of the scale of loss of data is minimized.

e. Vigilance and departing training to the Employees

Hackers or cyber attackers brilliantly can use your company employee in a lucrative way to get access to their systems through phishing. Therefore, it is a very imperative step to train the employees in understanding ways of cyber attacks and making them more vigilant while working. Beyond, it is necessary for the employers to be vigilant of the employees as well.

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