Minimalist POP Art

The minimalist contemporary approach to the aesthetic of this composition represent how clean and simple today’s Pop culture is.

— “Less is More” -Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Minimalist Contemporary Aesthetic

Art By Stuart barrantes

In this composition, I was looking for a sense of beauty in simplicity, personally exploring the different perspectives I have on today’s modern culture, coming from an architecture background there are constant views one can observe on a giving concept.

“I felt the necessity to apply a high sense of simple Aesthetics to Pop Art, due to the lack of attention society experiences today”.

Facing constant distractions mass generated by today’s social media, one can acknowledge that it is not as simple as it once was to focus on specific tasks or topics.

Giving a minimalist approach to the Classic Campbell Soup, allowed me to restructure the concept for a less focused audience applying the - concept of Less is More.

— By combining a modern appeal as seen in the image above with the known context of “POP ART” I encountered an interesting composition as shown in the following image.

Contemporary POP ART

Art By Stuart Barrantes

I’m one to believe that people do not spend more than 6 seconds on a social media image, — I think it takes less than 3 seconds before a person decides if He/She is going to like a photo on Instagram or not. — It’s hard to think this way when we live in a high consumerism society, I personally enjoy writing when I post something on social media because I want direct engagement with my audience. — As an Artist, I want to captivate the attention and emotion of my audience while delivering a pure connection between the Art and the viewer, however that is not as simple as it once was. Due to the million distractions we constantly deal with in our day-to-day, today it is harder to keep people away from their devices. — Ask a 7 or 8-year-old for their iPad and you will understand. — It is even harder to get their attention, therefore as Artist it’s our responsibility to produce images of less cognitive consumption to deliver rapid satisfaction to our audience, and allow them to engage more with the content.

Art By Stuart Barrantes

The point I really want to deliver with this new collection it’s a way to bring my audience more sense of control over their experience when they observe my work.

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