Increasing Personal Training Revenue

Every gym owner will agree that personal training can provide a significant bump in their total monthly revenue. However, many owners are very hesitant or just don’t know exactly how to directly sell this service.

Myself and many others had the luxury of growing up during the golden-ages of the globo-gym, where personal training was our main revenue source. However, as a personal trainer, you were limited by the number of hours in the day and thus had a cap on how much money you could earn. This is where the beauty of the group fitness model emerged. Lower your price point and funnel your clients into group settings. They’re happy cause they pay less, you’re happy cause you work less and make more. Win-Win.

Though the group model is obviously where the vast majority of CrossFit gyms are generating revenue — do not discard the dramatic effects that PT can have on your bottom line. For those of you who have trouble finding ways to incorporate PT into your gym, here are 4 strategies that will hopefully give you some ideas to start incorporating this service:

1. Offer At Signup

With a strategically placed consultation (see my consultation video and article first), you should be properly prepared to close your prospect after their initial class. At this point, I recommend offering a set amount of personal training sessions as their on-boarding vehicle. If the prospect cannot commit to this higher priced option, you still have your current On-Ramp/Fundamentals program offering available as the down sell. However, now the member is fully aware that this service exists at your facility and will be more inclined to consider PT in the future.

2. Skills Sessions

Your next best opportunity to sell PT lies within your current membership. Think about your current programming — which exercises are causing the most grief for your members? Typically the higher skilled gymnastics movements and O-lifts fall into this category. Pick the right movements (or let members pick a-la-carte) and now you have a great opportunity to sell Skill Session packs of PT. You can directly market this to specific members or your entire gym. Introduce it as an investment in their own athletic development and include features like Coach’s Eye videos and accessory exercises to take home with them after each session.

3. Perform Publicly and Promote on Social Media

If you have the staff available, perform your personal training sessions DURING your busy class hours. Let your other members see your 1-on-1 work with a client and let them covet that extra attention. Remember, though — you are on public display! Do not be checking your cell phone or engaging with anyone else other than that current member. If you cannot perform your PT sessions in the public eye of your members, then make sure to get another staff member to chronicle your sessions via video/photographs and utilize them in your social media marketing.

4. Give It Away (Maybe)

I’m not a big fan of giving away any of your valued services for free. If you have the DNA of being a great coach and amazing communicator, selling PT is not hard to do. However, I do believe that under certain circumstances, you can find a great return in offering a free PT session to strategically selected members when you’re trying to get your private training services up and running. If you have minimal personal training revenue or you just need practice conducting one-on-one sessions, pick a member who could benefit most for your PT services and offer him/her a few sessions for free. All you ask for in return is that you can have someone film and photograph you two during the session and use those to chronicle the PT experience with you on social media, newsletters, etc. Even ask for a quick testimonial to share with your members. You get to spread the word that this awesome service is available at your facility and your client gets some additional training on the house. Trust me, the ROI will be well worth it if you provide the value and story tell it to your members appropriately.