Defending our nation

The economy, health, education and defence of the nation are the most important responsibilities of government.

Clement Atlee’s 1945 Labour government succeeded in improving all of these, despite still suffering from the rigours of war.

Today the defence of our nation is just as important as it ever was. The people of the United Kingdom will not elect a government that puts our security at risk.

It is therefore essential that Labour maintains its long held commitment to NATO membership and our independent nuclear deterrent.

Those who oppose the UK having strong influence within NATO, the EU and on the international stage consistently peddle the lie that our Trident nuclear deterrent isn’t independent. It is independent. It is essential.

The cost of Trident is an investment that will be spread over and protect us for many years. It represents a tiny percentage of (5–6%) of the UK’s annual defence budget. A small price to pay for the security it brings. A price that most of the British public is happy to pay.

Renewing Trident will provide the UK with physicial, economic and political security.

This a copy of my personal submission to the UK Labour Party’s defence review.

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