Unedited Political Ranting

For Indiana

In the year of our salvation 2016, we have seen an unprecedented number of political and social movements come to power. All true to some extent and all flawed. Not one truly stands above, but some below, the rest but interesting enough starting more conflict than it is resolving. Donald Trump (R) calls on his radicals that draw from the business, big banks, military, and conservative alike. These make up some of the biggest groups of voters in the Americas. Hilary Clinton (D) has the woman’s vote and the Bill Clinton era allegiant. Progressive as she wants to seem or be, she is too obviously a puppet for some other unknown group that will be spoken about in documentaries later about how America really fucked up. Bernie Sanders (D) is running a bleak but inspiring campaign for the reasoning and heart in people that are tired of the same old politics and want major change. Small “s” socialist, being one of the words to gather the most attention in his campaign. Sanders has the votes of the young wanting the change they hear the country needs but no one has had the courage to do. Bernin’ it up on social media and in the Civil Rights movement, Sanders has the most attractive economic and social policy to liberals and the youth wanting the change promised by president Barrack Obama.

One thing that is certain to our society is that as a whole we do not like major change. We as a nation do not accept that fast change or the apparent truth until it is so widely accepted that we have to run with it. Most in certain generations can gather the information and change their ideals upon knowledge of a greater truth or fact. The reserved of other generations are hard pressed to stick to some oblique, backwards thought process that is used to persuade themselves and others from changing.

After knowledge of leaders in New Zealand and Iceland having connections to the Panama Papers, the public went into a frenzy. The Panama Papers implicate powerful and wealthy personalities in the use of offshore accounts to avoid taxes, launder money, and have shell corporations for who knows what. The Prime Minister of New Zealand was thrown out of parliament for speaking ill of charities to distract that issue of the papers away from his and his constituent’s role in them. In Iceland the Prime Minister was thrown out of office.

This is overturning the highest leader in their government.

For wrongdoing. For justice and for a better world.

The country wants to literally run evil out of its lands. Not for substantiated and bigotous reasons. Not for religious or ethnic reasons either. The population did it to make a good place better. A haven rid of treachery and thievery in its highest ranks.

What if the United States did this in our system? What if we bled out the evil? The backwards thinking, the incongruent profile of animosity towards freedom and reason, and the ill willing lawmakers would be the receivers of intolerance.

The US is ready to have this mentality. The society we live in is strong rooted but if we rid out sickness, just how strong could we really become? We could beckon another FDR era into our lifetime, but better. Economy booms when acceptance and freedom resound in the ears of every market. Everyone is welcome. Everyone has a place to see what is possible who is able to achieve what.

When the Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, the major industry leaders went into and all hands on deck retreat. The economy would have collapsed. The idea of RFRA was that businesses have the choice of who they can serve or apply their religious practices to business practices. Let’s just say a homosexual couple wanted some bakery goods and were denied because of religious beliefs. Mike Pence wanted a full-blown assault on the issue and had private organizations draft the law and fund it to the House of Representatives. It passed and was amended as soon as the public got wind of its actual meaning. After Mike Pence’s truly spectacular show of intelligence and ethical resolve on national television talking to George Stephanopoulos (“Well George,” x20 bright Mike), the public wanted him out. Petitions and protests littered his every move. What was done you may ask? Nothing!

Mike Pence lives another day in the glorious state of Indiana.

The call for a righteous, honorable, and a just leader were not heard.

Mike Pence passed a law this past March obscuring women’s rights. To have an abortion some women will have to wait up to 18 hours after an ultrasound, an offering of the remains, and a thorough feeding of conservative propaganda called “informed consent”. It all sums up to pretty much humiliating the female and an attempt to talk her out of the abortion.

The borderline sadist, the insensitive uninformed, and backwards Mr. Mike Pence has had free reign to humble himself extremist values for a term too long.

Drive out the evil America. Drive out the evil Indiana. Have that be the social movement take power in 2016 until it is gone! Drive out the evil Mankind until goodness and reason is uniform.

End Rant.