Judging Trump’s Presidency By Its First 100 Days: A Symptom Of Our Neglect Of Historical Perspective

Cleopatra’s Needle, Central Park NYC (for context see my post “Before (North Of) Trump Tower”)

Trump invoked a sense of historical perspective early in his Presidential campaign with his use of the ‘Snake’ — a poem derived from a fable attributed to Aesop — connecting the moral of its story with the Trojan War roughly three millennia ago. It is therefore disappointing that even he has been caught up by what is plainly a bit of modern era numerological superstition that 100 days is a sufficiently significant period of time to assess anything, let alone his Presidency and its agenda (‘MAGA’). It is not surprising, however, that MSM has made much of such an assessment, for MSM is itself very much a part of a corporate culture that obsesses over quarterly financial results — a standard quite obviously comparable to measuring political results by what has transpired in 100 days.

Directly related to MSM’s obsession with short term results is its business model. It essentially is a barker trying to draw in people to watch advertisements and then buy — ideally asap — the products they sell. That is not a particularly respectable business: it is as appropriate as it is disturbing that one term for how MSM uses the internet (as ‘clickbait’) derives from a derogatory term used to refer to the sexual allure of those below the age of consent (‘jailbait’).

Trump’s Appeal Relates To The Fact That As A Realtor He Is Associated With Real Things: That Is, With Everything Technology Is Not

Related to Trump’s use of the Snake is his proposal to build a wall along the border of the US and Mexico. As he himself repeatedly noted that proposal literally and figuratively built on the strength of his reputation as a real estate developer. Like it or not, that proposal defined his candidacy. The ridicule of it by his critics betrays just how oblivious they are to the importance of the association of real estate with Trump and his popularity.

Real Estate is in many respects the very antithesis of modern technology: for one thing, it is real, not virtual. Investing in it — as most Americans do — necessarily implicates a long term perspective relative to purchasing the hardware and software of technology which increasing seems to have a shelf life not much longer than that of milk. Furthermore, while real estate is largely owned and developed by private individuals, it inherently has a public dimension — starting with zoning laws — on up to jurisdictional boundaries of every type, including a country’s borders.

By contrast, technology thrives off of disregarding not just zoning laws, but borders and walls of every type, including as it now seems, the walls of everyone’s bedroom. Ironically, related to that disregard of borders and walls is technology’s ability to empower those who seek secrecy for any number of purposes. In contrast to the inherent publicness of real estate, the privacy technology purports to provide is inherently suspicious — and practically every day brings confirmation that it deserves to be viewed with suspicion. Furthermore, in contrast to the stability of real estate (subject to natural disasters), the rapid changes in technology have destabilizing effects: one does not know what — or who — is going to be rendered obsolete by the next iteration of hardware or software.

Never Mind 100 Days: Even The Perspective Of 100 Years Is Not Adequate To Appreciate What Is Going On With Those Who Support Trump & His MAGA Agenda

The wealth of those profiteering off of technology is disturbingly correlated with the number of workers displaced by it: there is arguably no historical precedent for such concentration of wealth with the possible exception of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Accordingly, to the extent Trump and his MAGA agenda can well be deemed a challenge to a range of issues underlying the Globalist corporate culture empowered by technology — the culture MSM represents — it is absurd to judge him or those who support him and his MAGA agenda by what has transpired in 100 days. Indeed, what becomes apparent from the long term historical perspective is that Trump himself is not, and should not be considered, the issue in the way that MSM has tried to make him out to be. He himself has acknowledged this point, but MSM, of course, desperately attempts to distract attention from that: the hype over the 100 day assessment is part of that attempt.