Outline Of Evolutionary & Revolutionary Change: On The Meaning Of Beauty & The Beast

This is an outline of an already long work (10,000 + words) that may eventually become a book. Rather than wait for that to happen I have been writing relatively short posts on Medium that are in one way or another interrelated. This outline is intended to help put each such post into perspective.


Introduction To Cupid & Psyche (C&P)

C&P: An Evolutionary Tale With Revolutionary Implications

I. Philosophy Of Language

An Ancient Philosophy Of Language: The Intellectual DNA Of Evolutionary Theory

Modern Corroboration Of The Basis For The Special Status Greek Women Originally Enjoyed

Generative Grammar & Philosophy As A Translation Of What Nature Is Saying

The Greatest Blunder In Western Logic: Cogito Ergo Sum

The Birth Of Being

Birth As An Organizing Principle Of Evolutionary Logic: Aka, A Philosophy Of Nature (PN)

The Origin Of The Western Concept Of Common Law

On Subjects, Objects & The ‘Organ’ Of Organ-ism, Organ-ize, Etc.

Clarification Of Terminology

II. Evolution (Natural History) In Terms Of The Philosophy Of Language

Examples Of Subjects And Objects In Generative Grammar

Subject/Object Polarity

How Polarity Is Preserved Without Leading To Chaos

The ‘Birth’ Of Water And Qualitative Vs. Quantitative Change

Water As Subject, Water As Object And The Evolution Of Life

III. Human Evolution In Terms Of The Philosophy Of Language: Beauty ‘Leads’ The Beast

The Subject/Object Grammar Applied To The Emergence Of Cooking And Language

The Metaphysical Origins of Vegetarianism

The Metaphysics Of Cooking: Burning (aka Cooking) Frankincense

IV. Human History: Revolution(s) In Terms Of The Philosophy Of Language

The prior three sections are the basis for (a) criticizing modern culture as largely the consequence of the ‘beast’ usurping control from ‘beauty’ and (b) imagining what is going to happen as beauty begins (as she already has started) to retake control from the beast. Some of the sub-topics for (a) and (b) may become stand alone posts/essays with subsections of their own given the complexity of the issues.

A. The Beast Leads Beauty

The Adoption Of Writing: Language Becomes Object

The Revolution Against Women As Subjects Relative To Men As Objects

The Rise Of Globalism And Its Relationship To Male Exclusivity

Gather Ye Rosebuds: Not So Fast There, Sparky!

The Tastelessness Of Modern Culture

The Obsession With Quantitative Measurements

B. Beauty Leads The Beast

Consciousness Of Women As Leaders: Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I

The Failure Of ‘Feminism’

Women’s Rights Vs. Globalism

Appreciating The Meaning Of The Celebratory Meal

Forget Globalism, The Nation State Is Obsolete

MAGA As A Type Of Virtual City State Of Virtual Families & ‘Tribes’

Confronting The Reality That Is The Legal Fiction Of The Corporate ‘Person’

Taming The Beast That Is Information Technology

Recognizing Medicine As Primarily A Spiritual (Metaphysical) Rather Than Economic (Physical) Practice

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