The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Hmmmm, fortunately there are no pure forms of Capitalism. Socialism would be pretty good if people conscientiously applied it but they don’t. Therefore we need hybrid’s. Where it works Capitalism is tempered by socialism and sort of vice versa. All doctrines are corrupted by us.

Essentially the problem is us, we are greedy, selfish etc. The people that are genuinely trying to be good (a subject of much debate in itself) will probably never be able to properly counter the uncaring people, it is easier to destroy than build.

In sentiment you are right, a lot of younger people have been let down badly by capitalism and there is a surge towards socialism which if successful will pull things back to some sort of centre ground where things are likely to be better at least.

Bad capitalism is the same as bad socialism. Where applied fairly it is democracy that controls the brakes and the accelerator. Neither Captialism or Socialism function fairly unless the rule of law is applied fairly and where the population has some real control over it’s leaders. Of course there is a lot of Catch 22 here. BTW, religion is not the answer, that doesn’t work either, for the same reasons.

The answer, well who knows but some countries are doing better than others and there are pockets that work well. Observe them and follow them. For example a lot of stuff works in the Scandinavian countries, follow there good examples. The UK is in a mess and the USA at the moment is totally baffling, suicidal even!

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