My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

Some of this is peculiar to the US which seems to have extremes in greater numbers than some other places such as far right wing Christian racists in positions of power which in itself is a contradiction. These people will not let you assimilate. When I look at the profiles of some of your republicans I see the far right to a level of intensity we don’t see as much in the UK.

More liberal conservatives may support your idea’s but sadly and particularly at this time I think you will be locked out whatever you do unless you truly become one of them and in turn a tool for them. I think your country would have more success with more secular education, many of your people seem poorly educated and ill informed. Unfortunately that is an accusation I find my self leveling at my own countrymen especially in the light of recent events.

I think we all need to get over the current levels of intolerance before we can move forward on this sort of thing. Personally I feel that deity based organised religions are yet again at fault for much of this as well as the usual politics.