The Transition of Pest Control to Pest Management

Although, the two phrases works quite similarly and holds the similar meaning as well. However, pest control is more like a traditional word that refers to killing of pests. And it does not involve the prevention of a pest problem.
Pest control simply means to solve a problem eventually after it occurs, such as curative method. Unfortunately, pest problem has no long-term effect either. But since few years, there has been a significant change in the term; it has been changed from pest problem to pest management.
After this revival, the pest management is now known as the strategically run program for preventing pests from damaging the crops. It is usually planned and designed according to the crop’s nature. Moreover, pest management doesn’t essentially mean eradication of pests but rather preventing the crop from growing number of pests to an extent that it becomes a huge problem. Therefore, now the term integrated pest management has taken over integrated pest control. And it is basically, a further broadened and updated version of pest controlling.
In America, pest problems serve as a huge issue. However, according to a number of researches, Houston provides the best solutions of pest control and management. 
Therefore, in order to receive the most reliable pest control services, it is important to choose the provider wisely; this is not some subtle issue which can fade away easily.