A Note from Juicero’s New CEO

Juicero excites me. Why? Because they’re addressing so many challenges in our food system (and our lives) “head on.” Nothing shy about their ambition and I, for one, am a fan of all giant goals like this. Big, bold and all in. Sourcing, processing, packaging, shipping, marketing and servicing fresh raw vegetables and fruit juice recipes to the busy, “struggling to be healthy consumer” and changing our food supply system deserves applause. To get a standing O requires, in my view, scale. To make this have broad impact, I hope the price point (and margins) will eventually allow Juicero to penetrate a broader base of our population, specifically the less economically advantaged demographics who struggle most with healthy eating, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. As you say, its a “long-term” play but then isn’t anything that is this ambitious? High five!

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