Get The Right Information

One thing I love about the internet is access to information! Let’s be honest, it’s hard to take action without information. But just having any information won’t necessarily get you where you need to go.

Take a practical example. Most of us reading this article grew up in the middle class. We were told to go university, get a job, save for a retirement. If you are a Gen Y’er or younger, my question to you is, is this the right information? Is this the strategy to follow? If you are like millions, your job just covers your basic running costs. Is that what you planned for? Just covering your basic costs? Maybe this isn’t quite your situation, but is your job pay really affording you what you expected and hoped?

An article on the EU Commission website shows an analysis of the number of people at risk of poverty — over 115 million people in 2016 are qualified as “at risk of poverty or social exclusion”.

I am confident this is not what they signed up for when their parents and teachers said to go to school and “get a job” and everything will be fine. Many probably had different information that didn’t involve university ro maybe they didn’t have parents to instruct them. In any case, it’s generally not a person’s goal to live in poverty and struggle with the decision “food or heating this week?”.

There are many different sources of information, and although information can be well intentioned, it does not mean that it is right or worth following!

We must pay closer attention to the information building blocks we use to design our life!

So what do you do? There is no cheat sheet for choosing the right information.

How do you choose which information to use? Photo by Jennifer Maravillas for HBR

I want you to consider one thing today: Get yourself a mentor. A mentor is someone who can say “I have been there”, and will walk the road along side you, setting an example for you to follow.

Don’t get this mixed up with a coach, who may not know or have experienced your situation, and who asks questions to help you come to your own conclusion. I love coaches, and have experienced the transformative power coaching can have. For most of us, a mentor, someone to look up to, who sets an example, and who can say, I have been there and this is the way, is an extremely powerful tool to increasing your performance.

Look at your goals. Where are you not getting traction? A mentor is most certainly a smart way forwards AND upwards.

Now, to go back to you. What if you are just scraping by financially? You will either believe that this is acceptable, or not acceptable. If not acceptable, what will you do about it? How can you change? How can you increase your performance, and ultimately get out of your current situation?

Get a mentor who has been there and has successfully conquered the challenge you are facing or the performance issue you can’t shake.

But here is the trick — Don’t get 10 mentors on YouTube who all say conflicting things, and whom at the same time all seem convincing. Decide on one or maybe two mentors who can help drive you forward in a focused direction.

If you do this, or have done this, I want to hear from you. Write me on social media. Tell me your story! If it inspires me, I will publish it! BE great.