How To Do More

Today I am going to tell you a secret. It’s so powerful and I promise if you do it, it will change your life for the better, forever. Ready?

Think bigger.

Stop thinking small. Think up, not down. If you think you need to down-size, upsize. If you think you need to slow down, speed up. Why? Because your performance is directly linked to your capacity.

Capacity is defined as “the amount something can produce” which comes from the latin “capere” or “hold”. The more you can hold or produce, the greater your capacity is and the more productive you have the ability to be.

Photo by Alex Korolkoff on Unsplash

Yes, you can only hold a certain amount, but the reality is that most people are only holding, figuratively speaking, a kilogram paper bag of apples in their hands, when they could be holding a 20kg sack. This goes back to being fully sold and committed to seeing your vision come to life.

But Stuart, you say, I need a work / life balance. I want to enjoy my life… If your vision is right, you won’t be satisfied, comfortable, until it becomes a reality — and every hour you invest towards achieving that goal is life-giving and vitalising, not laborious or devitalising. You start to think about “work / life success” instead of “work / life balance”. For me, enjoying my life means banging it every day as much as I can.

The more you can hold or produce, the greater your capacity is and the more productive you have the ability to be.

When I was starting The IT Guys one of my mentors told me, Stu, come back and talk to me when you are working from 8a to 8pm, then you have maybe started. I couldn’t believe what he was saying and brushed it off. I was the guy carrying a 1 kg back of apples. Little did I know I would carry a 40kg bag 10 years later. I know I can carry several more bags. I’m discovering more about myself and my own capacity through every trial and challenge. Capacity is a muscle. Every day, I am working the muscle.

Trials and challenges are often the placenta (I know that doesn’t sound very tasteful…) for your capacity to grow and develop. Once it has matured and strengthened, you can and will give birth to a more productive “you”. Yes, the pregnancy will be uncomfortable and hard, maybe even dangerous, but once born, your new level of productivity will be noticeable to those around you. As @edmylett says, “I can’t wait to meet the next version of me”.

Now, you can work 18 hour days for 20 years but maybe your vision is so big that you could work 180 hour days for 200 years and you still wouldn’t get close. What can you do?

You need more hands. Your team needs to grow.

I must admit that I have not seen true business success yet to where I can fully validate this statement. My business coach Grant Cardone definitely has, and several influencers in my circle have, and so I am sold on the idea that it is necessary and almost guaranteed. Our company has added several staff in the past 18 months and we are now in the launch phase — burning a lot of fuel and not seeing any lift-off yet. That said, I am confident that soon, the rocket will take off, shooting up faster and higher than we ever thought possible.

For now, remember, forget a comfortable life, and choose a successful life where your vision becomes a reality. Embrace carrying a bigger bag of apples. You were made for more.