Take Time to Create Time

Today I struggled as my alarm went off at 6am. A new day, yes! But man… I sure would enjoy an extra 30–45 minutes of shut eye. Deep down I knew that if I didn’t get up, my entire day would be shifted, and if I wanted to make time my slave, I needed boss-up and get up.

Photo by Daniel Eledut on Unsplash

If you are reading this, you probably have some desire to make this year better than last year. One of the most critical changes I want to make this year is to dominate time! While I (and everyone) enjoys 168 hours alive each week, I still feel like I am rushing all the time, AND on top of that, I find myself wasting significant pockets of time on things that do not help me achieve my goals. I need to make time my slave. I need a smarter way of producing. How? I need to take time to create time!

Here are 3 ways you should spend time, in order to create more time in 2019:

  1. Structure your day
    If you are like me, no day is the same. I consistently have unplanned interactions or things that take longer than expected. That said, you can carve out blocks of time which by default you keep for a specific action. This does two things: First, it helps make sure you DO the things that are important for you to do. (For example, for me, I write my goals down every day when I get to the office, so scheduling it in helps. If I have a client mtg first thing in the morning, I might only be able to write part of the goals down, while I am in the car, or worst case, when I get back to the office) Second, it pushes you to be efficient to complete the task in the allotted time. For example, every day at 12pm, I am have created a time slot “production” which I use for creating content online. It’s a break in my day, but its not long… especially since I also need to get lunch during that 45 minute slot.
  2. Pay attention
    I don’t know about you, but I get easily distracted. Yesterday, by accident, I lost 25 minutes scrolling through my Instagram feed, when I actually had an important DM to send. (And yes, I forgot to send the DM) We are constantly stimulated by fun / interesting things, when actually they take your mind off what is important. 
    Pay attention to the task at hand, and pay attention to where your mind is focused — little by little you will start to catch yourself (earlier) when you get off track. I estimate that I will find another 4–6 hours PER WEEK of useful time to invest.
  3. Know the why behind the why behind the why
    My coach often says that its not enough to “know your why”. The reality is that there are probably whys behind your whys, and possibly whys behind your whys behind your whys. When you think you’ve found one or more of your “whys”, ask, “and why is that?” and then try it again. I won’t give an example, but give it a go. 
    Now, why focus on the whys? Quite simply because we get bored of / disinterested in things that are neglected. We lose focus on the big game. Keep your whys in focus and you will be motivated to DO the first two things I mentioned earlier.

I hope these three steps help you to kick tail in 2019, dominate time, and ultimately be the man or woman God made you to be! No excuses! S