The Service recovery paradox in action!

I ordered a t-shirt from eBay not an out of the ordinary occurrence as I like customer printed shirts. Unfortunately, the correct t-shirt did not arrive. 
I sent a message through saying its the wrong t-shirt but don’t worry the one that arrived fits my daughter fine and she likes it.

I didn’t expect anything but I did think they needed to be aware so they could adjust their process to get it right next time. I got up this AM and I have a message saying they were sorry and would dispatch a new t-shirt to me and to not worry about sending the incorrect one back and they were happy my daughter liked it.

Service recovery in action, I have saved the seller and will use them again. Service recovery gets you loyal customers but it needs to go deeper than that and this seller did this perfectly! In the message, they asked for the name on the dispatch note of who printed it and who packed it.

Service recovery is great but if you use it to often it won’t work, people become frustrated and the loyalty you won will be lost and lost forever. Process improvement in every case of service recovery is important. It is also more cost effective to get the order right the first time.

Well done to the seller and here is a link to their eBay store!