There is an “I think you said eloquent” in the wearables room

At University I spent a long time programming AI stuff in visual and audio recognition always dreaming of that day when i'd be able to command my fleet or robot drones without them scoffing at my scouse accent.

Siri and Google are not my friends. They just don’t speak scouse like.

Hashtag wearables seem to be the future of computing, but how is that going to cope with my accent mate?

Wearables like the apple watch offer us Felton Report style tracking, analytics and data visualisations with goolgle glass giving Black Mirror replays of our memories but as far as voice input it’s really still in the infant stages.

Until we manage to remove that “elephant from the room” of a computer understanding any person’s vocal commands there is an unfortunate fundamental flaw in everything hashtag wearable where no mater how lickable the icons or material the design my user experience of the end product turns out to be terrible.

Whilst my friends evolve brain wave machines, as a lover of new technology the only immediate solution seems to be elocution lessons.

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